About us

ALPHA Intelligence Group is an international consultant- and training company who trains and educate
internationale corporations, organisations, and security authorities in human intelligence (HUMINT) collection tradecrafts.


We are the leading provider of human intelligence (HUMINT) training for companies, organisations and security authorities in Scandinavia, UAE and Singapore. Our focus turning advanced human intelligence (HUMIT) tradecrafts such as hard and soft interpersonal skills into strategic business intelligence tools. This includes elicitation, non-verbal communication, behavioral assessment, as well as strategic questioning techniques and influential psychology.
Our training courses are internationally approved as continuing legal education in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Australia. We are also the only company in Scandinavia, UAE, and Singapore who offers training in elicitation and strategic interviewing which is approved by the Department of Criminal Justice as continuing education for police officers in USA.
Besides training we also offer various consulting assignments within open source intelligence (OSINT), voice analysis, and general consulting regarding intelligence assignments.

Our team

The team consist of people either trained heavily in intelligence and/or has many years experience working for different intelligence agencies such as FBI, CIA, DoD, and US Naval Intelligence.
We also work together with international partners such as Sector Intelligence Group (USA), The Congruency Group (USA), Praesidium Group (Australien). We are also represented by BigSpeak regarding larger events.


E-mail: Jasper@alpha-ig.com

Jasper Frost

Chief Executive Officer

Jasper Frost is co-founder of ALPHA Intelligence Group and the Chief Executive Officer and responsible for all training. He is an international coveted consultant, trainer, and keynote speaker in the fields of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) collection, including elicitation, non-verbal communication, facial expressions, influential psychology, voice analysis, and credibility analysis (deception detection).

Jasper is a trained expert in Human Intelligence (HUMINT) collection and behavioural assessment. He was trained by and cooperate with those who teach some of the highest government and intelligence services, as well as other law enforcement and security authorities in the United States. 

He is a Nemesysco certified Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) operator. His expertise includes voice analysis in realtime, in dept analysis of pre-recorded recordings, and voice analysis for recruitment.

Jasper consult, advice, and trains corporations, security authorities, and individuals from e.g. Scandinavia, the UAE, and Singapore in making sure that when the risk is high. That they have the right techniques to extract important sensitive or critical information without their counterparts becoming aware of their intent. That they can accurately analyse the other party's verbal and non-verbal behaviour and anticipate their other their future behaviour and actions. 

He is a permanent lecturer at JUC legal compulsory education (Denmark, Sweden, and Norway) in Deception Detection and Tactical Elicitation. Jasper is also a Principal Trainer at Sector Intelligence Group (USA) in the Nordics, the United Arab Emirates and Asia. He is an international associate partner- and external trainer at the Praesidium Group in Australia.

Jasper represented as a keynote speaker and expert educator at BigSpeak, and a former associate to Paul Ekman International.




E-mail: Josefine@alpha-ig.com

Josefine Wiinberg

Chief Executive Officer (Administative)

Josefine Wiinberg is the co-founder of ALPHA Intelligence Group and the Chief Executive Officer responsible for the administrative part of the company. She is a trained professional in Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and Strategic Business Intelligence including elicitation, non-verbal communication, credibility analysis, and a specialty within statement analysis.

As the Administrative Director Josefine rarely participate as the leading trainer on deck. Her daily tasks are primarily maintaining the administrative part of the company including developing new material, courses, research, planning, and preparation of national- and international events.

She is trained, educated, and cooperate with those who teach some of the highest government and intelligence services, as well as other law enforcement and security authorities in the United States. Her educational background includes both behavioural- and human intelligence (HUMINT).

Josefine is a Nemesysco certified Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) operator. Her expertise includes voice analysis in realtime, in dept analysis of pre-recorded recordings, and voice analysis for recruitment.

Together with Jasper Frost, Josefine is a permanent lecturer at JUC legal compulsory education (Denmark, Sweden and Norway) in Deception Detection and Elicitation. She is also a Principal Trainer at Sector Intelligence Group in the Nordics, the United Arab Emirates and Asia, and an International Associate Partner- and trainer at the Praesidium Group in Australia.




E-mail: Christian@alpha-ig.com

Christian Brandt-Müller

Senior Partner & Principal Trainer

Christian Brandt-Müller is a senior partner and one of the principal trainers at ALPHA Intelligence Group. He is a professional trainer within Human Intelligence and Strategic Business Intelligence including; elicitation, verbal and non-verbal communication, as well as deception detection.

Christian's specialty is especially the psychological and behavioural processes within sales and influencing, relationships, and mediation. This is based on his many years of experience in the real estate industry, where he, among other things, has been the owner of the real estate agencies Geisler & Rønne and Jesper Nielsen (& Living) Vangede. He is also a regular lecturer at the Danish Real Estate Association.

He is trained and educated by the ALPHA Intelligence Group, including Jasper Frost, Lena Sisco, and Robin Dreeke. Therefore, his educational background includes both behavioral intelligence and human intelligence (HUMINT). His work as Principal Trainer means that he i.a. working with those who on a daily basis teach and train some of the highest security agencies and military special forces in the United States.

Christian is primarily responsible for training the ALPHA Intelligence Group's customers in Scandinavia, but also assists in the company's courses in the UAE, Asia, and Australia. He is extremely passionate about his profession and therefore works purposefully to ensure that his clients have exactly the tactical and strategic tools they need to increase their situational awareness. This means that they can react proactively in any high-risk situation and thus turn the situation to their advantage.




E-mail: Chanet@alpha-ig.com
Mobil: +45 31 10 66 83

Chanet Nørkjær

Sales Director

Chanet Nørkjær is the International Sales Director at ALPHA Intelligence Group. She is responsible for the sales operational- and sales administrative part of the company in the Nordics, the United Emirates and Asia. This includes e.g. sales optimization, international sales, marketing and relationship building.

She is driven by creating results and for the past 14 years she has worked in the crossroads between the different branches commercial, sales, and branding. Her experience arise from the different sectors of the industry such as consulting, sports, and advertising.

Chanet gets her energy by translating her customers' ambitions and goals into successful strategies. She is known for having a thoroughness, motivating, hard-working personality, and her smile. She has the ability to create trust in any sales and relation situation.

She always looks at the big picture and has a unique ability to see things through her customer's eye and understand their perspective. As as transforming her customers' wishes into concrete plans and solutions. This means that ALPHA Intelligence Group's customers get the best tailored solution which leads them to succeed with their wanted outcome.



Lena Sisco

Partner & Trainer

Lena is a former US Navy Intelligence Officer, U.S. Marine Corps Interrogator, and DoD certified interrogator Instructor. She is a published author to the book You're Lying, TEDx presenter, keynote speaker, TV expert, instructor for the Department of Justice, and trainer for US Special Forces.

Lena is considered to be the best trainer and expert within elicitation. She has trained thousands of military, law enforcement, and DoD personnel as well as various organisations in the private sector industries such as sales, marketing, health, business intelligence, and finance. Her training courses is approved by The Department of Criminal Justice as official continuing education for US law enforcement.

Besides her experience above Lena is certified: Graduate Masters in Old World Archaeology & Art from Brown University, Instructional Systems Design (ISD) certified curriculum developer, The Psychology of Leadership from Cornell University, Organisational Change Management, Ratheon Six Sigma, Change Style Indicator, Change Navigator, Decision Style Profile, and Power + Systems Lab's Organisational Workshop. 

You can read more about Lena Sisco on her website www.thecongruencygroup.com


Scott Taylor

Partner & Trainer

With 27 years’ experience across the gamut of the security, safety and risk industry, Scott is a court and tribunal recognised expert and has a strategic and systematic approach to Security Management and Business Continuity Management.

He is an industry Thought Leader and is often contacted by various media sources as a “Security Industry Specialist Spokesperson” and Expert Witness when security and risk related issues surface in the public arena.

Scott has consulted and lectured throughout the Middle East and USA and has and worked with government, industry regulators and industry across all Australian States and Territories spanning the spectrum of security and risk as well as all industry verticals.

He sits on numerous International security related councils to ensure he stays abreast of world best practise in his field of expertise which directly translates into improved outcomes for his clients.

You can read more about Scott Taylor on his website www.praesidiumgroup.com.au


Robin Dreeke

Partner & Trainer

Robin is a retired FBI Counterintelligence Special Agent and the former Head of the FBI Counterintelligence Department- and the FBI's Behavioural Analysis Program (BAP), as well as a retired Marine Corps Officer. Upon entering service as an FBI Special Agent in 1997, Robin began his journey as a counterintelligence specialist and behaviorist in the agency's efforts to thwart the efforts of United States greatest adversaries.

Serving in New York City, Norfolk VA, FBI Headquarters, Quantico VA, and Fredericksburg VA, Robin received advanced training and experience in the area of social psychology and the practical application of the science behind relationship development and trust, ultimately leading the FBI's elite Behavioral Analysis Program.

He has taken his life's work of Recruiting Spies, Leading Marines, and Behavioral Assessment and created his unique Interpersonal Communication Strategies for Success.

Since 2010, Robin has been working with corporations, entrepreneurs, military, and law enforcement in their pursuit of Forging Trust, Solving Challenges, and Leading. Whether it is newly promoted leaders, executives, sales teams, or customer relations, Robin has crafted his People Formula for quick measurable results and maximum success.

You can read more about Robin Dreeke on his website www.peopleformula.com


Rosanna Minchew

Partner & Trainer

Rosanna has more than 20 years of experience within intelligence-, security-, and risk analyse, as well as intelligence collecting. For 15 years she was a part of CIA's Directorate of Operations (DO), where she collected and drafted Human Intelligence (HUMINT). Rosanna has both real-life operationel field experience and experience working from the command centre at the CIA's headquarters. She has held different positions overseas including both operational and ledership positions in different locations around the world such Latinamerica, Europe, South Asia, Irak, and Washington D.C.

Despite most of Rosanna's work for the CIA is classified she is considered as an expert within intelligence analysis, reporting, risk assessment, and strategic information gathering.

Her expertise is especially scenario-based training within the Human Intelligence (HUMINT) area. Here she advises different sectors raging from US Customs & Border Patrol, to Oil and Gas companies and the Finance sector in interpersonal skills such as people assessment and insider threat recognition.

In 2021 Rosanna founded SpyGuide, where she delivers in-dept spy-theme-scenario-experiences which are designed and run by former intelligence officers to maximise the customers learning experience and engagement.

Du kan læse mere om Rosanna Minchew på hendes hjemme side www.spyher.co


James Pyle

Partner & Trainer

James, Jim, has more than 20 years of active military duty, and nearly 20 years post retirement military training. His experience includes Military Department of Defense Interrogator Instructor, Debriefing Instructor, Resistance to Interrogation support, Strategic Debriefing, Strategic Debriefing Instructor.

After retiring from active duty Jim primarily worked as a consultant providing training in Interrogation, Strategic Debriefing, Elicitation, and Advanced Negotiations, and Mediations for all Special Operations services and three-letter Government agencies.

One of his most significant assignment was at the J-2, Joint Intelligence of the Joint Staff of the Pentagon headed by General Colin Powell, in the Columbia/Venezuela branch engaged in the hunt for Pablo Escobar and the War on Drugs.

Jim has also been a international interrogator instructor for Phoenix Group, which at the time of employment was the only approved non-government contractor for the US Department of Defense.

He is the author of the bestselling books “Find out Anything About Any Body Any Time" and "Control the Conversation".

Today, within the military and intelligence communities Jim is considered "The Grand Old Man of interrogation training", and it is a great honour for the ALPHA Intelligence Group to have Jim as part of the team.