We offer advanced and elite training in Elicitation, Human- and Behavioural Intelligence including deception detection and statement analysis. We are the only ones in the Nordics that offer training in Elicitation and Strategic Interviewing, which is approved by the US Department of Criminal Justice. Our training is approved as official training for the US law enforcement.

We are in corporation with JUC (The Danish, Swedish and Norwegian law educational center) where we provide official continuing legal education courses within deception detection and elicitation in both Denmark and Sweden.

Few people know about Elicitation and even fewer know how to use the techniques.

If you've never been in the military or worked for an intelligence agency, the chances that you've been exposed to elicitation are slim to none. It is an advanced and extremely effective intelligence tool for acquiring information, but what few know is how effective these techniques are in the business world.

Questions can make people defensive... 

When you elicit, you don't ask any questions, instead you use provocative statements.

There are the very few people who find it pleasant to be bombarded with questions - regardless of whether they are open questions or not. Too many questions can make people defensive and they withdraw from a conversation, meaning important information can be lost to you.

Elicitation gives you the opportunity to master and control any conversation, while you secretly obtain critical or sensitive information from your counterpart - and without them being aware of it. It will reduce your worries about "how" to get the information you need in order for you to succeed.

In sales, you will be able to use elicitation to create opportunities to meet exactly the senior staff or the key decision makers in order to influence and close a sale.



Implement behavioural psychology and reinvent your sales and negotiation strategies

Elicitation is an operational advanced technique used by numerous intelligence agencies to gather critical or sensitive information in a discreet manner.

Elicitation allows you to get the information you need without having to ask for it by using open-ended questions. It hides your intentions, while at the same time building good and meaningful relations with your counterpart. It works so well because it utilizes known aspects of human psychology. It is highly effective and the result is exceptional.

These skills will be extremely effective in your business dealing with sales, business meetings, interviews, negotiation or otherwise dealing with human relations.

Avoid leaking information…

Avoid sensitive company information being leaked. Counter-elicitation is an important tool to prevent employees with access to sensitive or important insider information from being exposed to elicitation, as well as an extremely effective tool to combat corporate espionage.


In your busy everyday life, you need effective training that works and techniques that can be used and easily implement right away. We offer both team and individual training courses, to improve your skills in Elicitation and Tactical Behaviour Analysis. These advanced techniques make sure that you or your team can react pro-actively instead of reactive in any business meeting or negotiation, access unintentional information and expose fraud.


Non-verbal communikation (kinesics)

On average, we humans lie 2.18 times in a 10-minute conversation.

Despite those statistics, we humans pretty bad at reading other people's behaviour - especially when it comes to detect deception.

From the sales floor, recruitment, interviews, inquiries to important business meetings and contract negotiations. We teach you and your team techniques so that in any situation you can read and analyse your counterpart's signals and can thus react proactively in the situation.

We have six communication channels, of which four of them have to do with the non-verbal; kinesics (body language), facial expressions, psychophysiology and tension. If you are not able to analyse your counterpart's nonverbal behaviour and signals, you stand to miss important information that can affect your sales, negotiations, or business meetings.

People base their statements on all their knowledge

Because people always will base their statements and explanations on all their knowledge, their statements will often contain more information than they intended or wanted to share.

This means that when your customers have information or knowledge that they do not wish to share with you, they will often use deceptive language in their statements.

If you can take words out of a sentence and the sentence is still grammatically correct, the extra words will always give you extra information.

When a person uses the word actually, there is a high probability that this person is comparing two or more thoughts with each other.

Either you are told what is being compared to, or you have withheld information.



Influential psychology - the 7 principles of influence

For more than 60 years, scientists have studied the unique factors on what influence us to say "YES" to the requests of others. There is no doubt that there is a science to how we are "persuaded" and much of the science is indeed surprising.

Whether it's an important prospect or you're competing with a competitor, you may find yourself stuck in the initial stages of the sales meeting, project, or relationship.

When making a decision, it would be nice to think that people consider all the available information available before they making their decision. The reality, however, is very often different. As we live in a "high-paced" world, more than ever we need shortcuts or rules of thumb to guide our decision-making-process - and here we have found seven strategies for you.

We teach you and your team how, with these seven simple techniques, you can influence your counterparts in your favor in an ethical way.

ALPHA Intelligence Group's director Jasper Frost, have been trained by Dr. Robert Cialdini in Arizona. Dr. Cialdini is the author of the books Influence and Pre-Suasion and is considered one of the leading pioneers in the field of psychological influence.

Facial- and Micro expressions

Unlike kinesics "body language", which is not universal, there are seven emotions with universal facial expressions.

The renowned American psychologist Paul Ekman, through his many years of scientific research from the USA to Papua New Guinea, Europe and Asia, has found that there are seven emotions with universal facial expressions.

When these universal emotions are expressed, they provide a unique insight into the person's emotional state in the current situation. In most cases, the person concerned will not even be aware that he or she is making these expressions and thus exposing their feelings, as it happens in less than 1/25 of a second.

Being able to read other people's facial expressions can give you a unique advantage and be helpful in detecting deception, as well as helping you to react pro-actively in the situation and change your strategy in terms of how you reach your goal.

ALPHA Intelligence Group's director Jasper Frost, are trined by Ekman International and is also a former associate of Paul Ekman International.


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